Key Power Car Key Battery Centre KP200

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Increase Sales, Increase Margins, Increase Profits.

The brand new micro point-of-sale display stands strongly encourage customers to buy or replace their car key batteries whilst in your outlet, increasing impulse sales. An ideal sales opportunitywhich willprevent your customers from getting locked out with flat batteries.

  • Micro Stand has a footprint approximately A4 size
  • Overall dimensions 34cm (13.4") wide, 15cm (6") deep, 50cm (20") tall
  • Top profit earner per square foot
  • 20 Hook stand designed to hold all top 20 selling sizes
  • High impact full colour display and header card
  • Stand free of charge when ordered with the tailored range of 200 batteries
  • Invaluable part number X-reference guide on the back of the header card
  • Wall mountable

Tailored range of 200 Batteries listed in order of popularity

Part Number KP Ref No. Qty on Stand
CR2032-KP KP14 30
CR2016-KP KP12


CR2025-KP KP13 30
CR1620-KP KP15 20
23A-KP KP20 10
CR1220-KP KP10 10
CR1616-KP KP11 10
A76-KP KP19 10
CR1632-KP KP17 10
27A-KP KP22 10
CR2430-KP KP31 5
CR2450-KP KP32 5
625A-KP KP16 5
11A-KP KP21 5
CR1216-KP KP28 5
CR1225-KP KP29 5
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