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AAA Batteries

AAA batteries are suitable for a wide number of applications and devices, and you will find a great range of quality AAA batteries from leading brands. We can offer retail packs, value multipacks and bulk quantities to suit your needs and budget. AAA batteries are one of the most common sizes on the market, popular for use in a wide range of equipment. You will find both alkaline and lithium AAA batteries here.

At Granada Batteries we also stock a range of industrial AAA batteries for use directly in equipment, from brands such as Procell, Varta and Energizer. AAA batteries are also known as LR03 or MN2400 depending on the manufacturer. Please note AAA batteries are shorter and thinner than AA, so make sure you’re buying the right size for your needs. If you need rechargeable AAA batteries, we also have a great selection.


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5 Item(s)