Energizer Batteries

Granada Batteries is a leading UK supplier of Energizer, offering batteries and other products like torches and chargers. Our Energizer range is available to buy in bulk and at wholesale discount prices. Energizer are a well-established company, operating in over 160 countries. They pride themselves on exceptional performance, with power solutions created using the latest technology, such as advanced battery leak protection. A global leader, the Energizer battery range includes Ultimate Lithium, Rechargeable batteries, and specialist sizes.

Energizer are battery innovators, providing reliable, effective solutions including alkaline and lithium batteries, as well as battery chargers, torches and headlights. We stock a range of Energizer Industrial batteries in bulk, with wholesale trade prices available. We also offer a number of multipacks, allowing you to receive great value for money. To shop the full range of Energizer batteries, browse below.

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