Ansmann Energy 16 Plus Battery Charger 1001-0004-UK

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The Ansmann Energy 16 Plus is the ultimate universal battery charger and maintenance device from Ansmann. The Ansmann Energy 16 Plus battery charger is the new improved version of the previous Ansmann Energy 16. There are two main differences between the old and the new. The new Energy 16 Plus charges AA and AAA rechargeable faster than before. Also the new Ansmann Energy 16 Plus has two USB charging ports for charging USB compatible devices. It has the capacity to charge up 14 batteries all at once. 12 positions for AA and AAA, up to 6 positions for C and D, up to 2 positions for 9V rechargeable batteries. The Ansmann Energy 16 Plus also has an automatic refresh program. When a battery is placed in the charger it will analyse it and if necesary refresh the battery to optimise the battery capacity. It detects faulty batteries and is very simple to operate with the LED indicators letting you know exactly whats happening to each battery in each slot.

  • No batteries included
  • Charger can charge up to 12 x AA or AAA, up to 6 x C or D, up to 2 x 9V rechargeable batteries
  • Can charge NiMH or NiCd
  • 2 x USB Charging Ports
  • Auto cut off safety timer
  • LED indicators, Constant Red = Charging, Constant Green = Ready, Flashing Red = Error, Flashing Red and Green = Refreshing
  • Worldwide Voltage and clever UK and Euro plugs included
  • Automatic battery diagnosis and automatic refresh program
  • 3 Year Guarantee

Charging Times

  • Charge 800mAh AAA in 2.5 hours
  • Charge 2000mAh AA in 2.5 hours
  • Charge 2850mAh AA in 3.5 hours
  • Charge 2500mAh C in 3 hours
  • Charge 5000mAh D in 6 hours
More Information
Charging Current AA : 1000mA    AAA : 400mA   C : 1000mA   D : 1000mA   9V : 60mA
AC Input 100-240V
Reverse Polarity Detection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Bad Cell Detection Yes
Alkaline Battery Detection No
Safety Timer Yes
-Delta V Yes
V-Max No
Temperature Detection No
Trickle Charge Yes